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Hail Dents provides services for individuals, car dealerships, body shops, and fleets.


No Job Is Too Big or Small!


Hail Dents Paintless Dent Repair operates out of Denton County, Texas. When a hail storm occurs, whether it be in Texas or any other state, Heath assembles his team of highly skilled technicians to be there on site within 24-48 hours. Hail Dents can ease the worries of body shops and car dealerships with this turn-key operation. From handling estimates and dealing with the insurance companies to repairing and delivering the customers' cars, all aspects are completed in a timely, professional manner. Hail Dents is also experienced in assisting insurance companies with adjusting claims. 




Many people are mistaken as to the methods P.D.R. technicians use to remove dents. P.D.R. is a specialized field that takes many years to master. Tools are specially designed based on the type of dent, sharpness of dent, and where the dent is located on the vehicle.


Some common myths are:


  • Dry Ice

  • Suction Cups

  • Magnets

  • Heat Tools

  • Dents Come Back

  • Paint Will Peel Off


Infomercials claim their "dent puller" is the same as those used by P.D.R. technicians.


DO NOT BE FOOLED!!! What they don't tell you is that very few dents can be pulled out using their product. Inexperienced do -it-yourselfers often find these products will literally pull the paint off of their car leaving them worse than when started. Others have found that the metal becomes " stretched" leaving high "knots" and giving the area an uneven, wavy appearance.






A growing number of insurance companies are recommending their clients use the "paintless dent repair" method over the traditional body shop because it saves both time and money. Paintless Dent Repair offers the unique ability to return the vehicle to its original factory condition without altering the paint. 


With P.D.R., the time a client is waiting for repairs to be done on their car is minimized, thus eliminating the need for expensive, inconvenient rental cars. Busy clients prefer this because they can drop their car off before going to work and it is ready for pick up by the end of the workday! Most repairs can be done in one day unless there is extensive damage. A Hail Dents technician will inform you if extra time is needed to ensure the best quality service is performed. 


Hail Dents P.D.R. can also save money for both the insurance company and you the client. Some repairs, such as door dings, are done for far less than the insurance deductible. In such cases, insurance companies do not have to be notified of the damage. Repairs on vehicles damaged by hail though are usually taken care of through your insurance company. In any case, Hail dents will handle your claim with fast, friendly service making the repair process as easy and smooth as possible.